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Atlantic Cape May Workforce Investment Board

Earl Axelson , Chairperson
Rhonda Lowery, Executive Director

Atlantic County Workforce Development Board

The Workforce Development Board maintains partnerships between the public and private sector to develop policies and evaluate the readiness, at the county level to deliver a workforce prepared for employment in today's evolving economy.

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The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board has established partnerships with local businesses, community organizations, educational institutions and government agencies to provide a seamless system of employment, training and social services to residents and employers in Atlantic county.

Here’s what local employers say about us...

Message from WDB Executive Director, Rhonda Lowery:

Message from Cindy Herdman-Ivins,
President/CEO, Family Service Association:

The Board is comprised of representatives from Atlantic County. The private sector represents over half of the membership, which provides for a diverse membership drawn from the community.

The WDB has established partnerships with local businesses, community and faith based organizations, educational institutions and government agencies to plan for a seamless system of services that benefit residents and the business community. Furthermore, the Board is tasked with building an extensive network of private and public sector partners to increase business participation in the workforce system, while fostering an environment for provider collaboration and partnerships. 

As an organization, the WDB area received a first place Recognition of Excellence Award from the United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration for innovation in the operation of at-risk youth programs, a Corporate Partnership Award from the Garden State Employment and Training Association and a Theodore E. Small Workforce Partnership Award, presented by the National Association of Workforce Boards for its leadership, innovative approaches and financial support of workforce development programs.


To ensure the coordinated and efficient delivery of the region’s workforce readiness resources through membership which provides leadership, direction, and accountability for the service area.


  • Develop priorities and goals driven by the labor market to assist residents of Atlantic county secure meaningful, and sustainable employment.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for all planning, labor market assessment and customer service needs.
  • Act as the conduit to ensure collaboration between the private and public sectors as the single entity for policy direction on workforce matters.